Communication is key

Hi Loopring team,

I’m a Loopring supporter since sept 2017 and didn’t touched my LRC since then.
We’ve come a long road but last weeks / months I’ve the feeling the communication with the community is fading away…

I remember the weekly updates when Loopring started, there was a roadmap, …
As supporters we were updated on a regular basis and we knew what was happening in the heads from the team :slight_smile:

I understand road maps or weekly updates these days are no longer relevant but I’ve the feeling we are now 180° in the other direction… :frowning:

At this moment the community don’t know what’s happening behind the curtains…

  • In february the bi-weekly updates suddenly stopped, no explanations about why / how in the future…
  • Twitter was the only channel which informed me Loopring participated in an investement round from zkSync (what’s in for Loopring?, why we participated?, etc…)
  • the liquidity / volume on Loopring is stabilizing / falling back… what’s the plan for the future?
  • the choice to launch Android first was with the eye on the Asian market, how are we doing in Asia?
  • What’s the plan for the Asian market? How are the crypto evolutions over there?
  • etc…

As I’m already since the beginning a believer in Loopring, I know you guys are working very hard with 100% focus on the product. But please don’t forget to communicate with us because in my opinion it’s the only way to create a very tight and active community…


Hey Pieter. I completely agree. Thanks so much for this message. We are feeling the same thing to be honest, and actually mentioned this today on a team call.

I think it’s a mix of a few things with timing around the Chinese new year holiday, and just what the current focuses are behind the scenes (rather ‘boring’ product improvements vs really cool protocol/tech developments. But that’s no excuse, we have to do better to communicate all this. And we will. This forum is a start. We haven’t really ‘launched’ this forum yet (haven’t very loudly announced it), but now we are about to make the effort to make this an active hub. Because it’s easier to discuss important topics here asynchronously, vs the rapid pace of Discord, Twitter, etc.

As for the monthly updates, I am glad you are paying attention :). We will turn that into a quarterly update, which is more appropriate, we believe, for the pace and nature of progress right now. Our progress used to be a lot of protocol R&D and ‘deep tech’, which would have been difficult for the average supporter to keep tabs on. But now that it is also a lot of user facing product progress, we feel supporters can more easily see it through the product itself, and through the more asynchronous updates. The updates take quite a lot of time from many team members across the different parts of the team, so we just think quarterly is a cadence that will allow us to focus on actually building vs describing.

To reiterate, we completely agree. And I appreciate you calling us out on it. You have been the strongest supporter imaginable since 2017, so you have every right to do so! Thanks for being with us through this journey. We will keep going!


Thanks for the reply Matthew!
Maybe a monthly video call / AMA with the community could be a good step between the weekly updates from long ago and the quarterly updates you mentioned?

A video call doesn’t asks lots of preparation from the team but it’s a very efficient way to keep in touch with the community… Just an idea :slight_smile:


I noticed the comment about zksync and I agree here that it would be good to know what that means for Loopring. For example does it mean in future that having funds in Loopring L2 you will automatically have L2 with ZKsync and vice-versa?.

The benefit of that would be immense for the Loopring smart wallet given a number of big names from DEFI are going with zksync.

I think this could be good too. I feel the same of @Piedidi about communication, it is very important to let community involvement with the project, and to feel that we they are part of it.

Agreed. We should do this more. We have done a few community calls, as you likely know, but it has been a few months. Maybe we will aim for it this week actually :).

Hey Ben. It’s true, it’s something important to elaborate on.

Loopring Technology Limited invested in zkSync’s round, because we view them as a very exciting technology that will allow generalized functionality on zkRollups. Whether eventually we decide to ‘migrate’ our rollup onto their construction, or whether we focus on cross-rollup efforts in near term, we simply thought it very attractive to have the projects be linked and helpful to each other. It is very complementary: Loopring is an application-specific zkRollup, and very focused on products. zkSync - or other generalized ZKRs coming like Starkware’s - could become a part of Loopring at the bottom of the stack.

There are no definite plans at all right now tbh. But I think the general idea above is something that may become more clear in near future.