Community Call #3, March 16th, 12pm EST - Agenda/Notes

Let’s have people comment some topics they want covered in the coming community call.

Specific questions, ideas, or broad topics.

Although you don’t need to place your topic here, you can also just chime in on the call.

Thanks all. Hope to see you there.
Link to join call:

I don’t have a whole lot to request for the call, I’m just excited to hear all about what current priorities are, and maybe some vision for near, mid, and long term. I know a whole lot of things are in the works.

One thing that would be awesome if it were to be possible is maybe some kind of categorized road map with individual items in each main project category so community members can see things that are currently being worked on and maybe some progress indicators.

Just want to add that it’s been super great to interact with the members of the team I’ve talked with. Adam and Yue have been great with tech support, and Matt is always killing it with his support and community interaction. And special shout-out to Brecht, who is always hard at work with the next innovation to push Loopring the protocol and the product further, love hearing your ideas!

Wish I could add my voice to the call, but I’ll be at work and hopefully at least listening in. Keep up the great work team, and I’m thankful for the supportive community that has built up around Loopring. I’m also glad to see critical ideas freely discussed, when many crypto projects choose to censor and limit discussion to keep themselves in a better light. I believe big things are coming.

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A few interesting topics could be:

  • situation in Asia? Loopring has a strong focus on the Asian market, but how it’s going over there? Are there any restriction from the government regarding the Loopring products? What’s the plan to enter this huge market?

  • Due to the Loopring wallet creation costs there are no more new users starting up a Loopring wallet (<10 / day). How moving forward? I red the team is working on lower fees to create wallet (directly on L2?), what’s the timing for this? If there is still some work to do in the meanwhile you could give users the choice between a “simple” seed phrased wallet or an “advanced” guardians wallet (which is more expensive)…

  • Liquidity & new users are two important points in growing the Loopring products. Thinking out of the box: in stead of paying for liquidity incentives, why not pay for the creation cost of the Loopring wallet if the user is willing to lock up some liquidity for a certain time? Don’t know if it’s technically possible but you would attract new users + create liquidity at once! Users not willing to lock some liquidity should always have the choice to pay themself for the creation… It would be a gamechanger if you could promote users to create “a L2 wallet for free” !

  • If it would be possible to create a “liquidity lock” for a certain time it may be a good idea to reward LP’s with a higher % if they lock their liquidity for a longer time… Also for long time investors this lock-up plan would be attractive!

  • Regarding LRC: why not use lower costs for using Loopring products when users are paying with LRC? (like many other platforms do)?

  • Regarding the tokenomics: I’ve the feeling the usecase for LRC is very complicated for lots of (new) users… If they don’t understand the tokenomics, they will not invest / use Loopring…

Lot’s of respect a credits the the whole Loopring team, the above points are positive feedback!
Keep up the good work guys! :muscle:


A lot of users do not really understand the Tokenomics. Can it be discussed during the call as to why one should hold LRC?. With staking that everyone is used to it was simple because you held LRC to get x% of something. However now if you hold LRC there does not appear to be an initial incentive that can be clearly seen by new comers especially if they do not participate in AMM.

Maybe an idea:

  1. Give discounts on trading fees if paying with LRC.
  2. Locking x number of LRC for y months will give you discounted trading fees in addition to the above.
  3. Locking LRC will give extra LRC rewards for AMM pools based on number and period locked.
    This will provide an incentive for people to buy and use LRC and not just price speculation as well as an incentive to keep people in the pools otherwise their rewards and incentives are reduced but you still have the effect of having LRC locked creating some scarcity.

I was excited to see the announcement on twitter :heart_eyes: regarding:

  • Loopring bridge: Efficient connector from & to other L2s.
  • Ethport: Efficient access to L1 dApps directly from L2.
  • L2 flash minting: Efficiency tool
    Can we have an explanation during the call on what this means for the ordinary user and how this benefits them.

With such announcements are there any plans to have a roadmap or calendar of events to expect this year or approximate timeline eg Q1, Q2 etc. People in crypto love announcements but they are all impatient and want to know when. :grinning:


Regarding the “ethport” announcement, are there specific L1 d’Apps Loopring is heading to / talking to? Which L1 dApps would be usefull to access directly from Loopring L2? (and do you have contact with these projects?)


Great comments & questions. Thanks all. I will save discussion for the call :).

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