L2 Smart Wallet idea

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Sorry for so much input today, just wanted to run this idea past you guys as well…

Once the smart wallet is deployed on L2 (optimism or ZK once smart contract compatible) and the cost comes down to say a couple dollars…
Would it be possible to make the smart contract wallet creation an “in-app purchase” in the app store to make it completely frictionless / seamless?

Even if you did bake in the extra 30% the app store charges for this, it would be extremely convenient to make a quick say $3-5 in app purchase directly when you download the app and then immediately have your wallet be created.

In the backend, could the relayer then recognize the in-app purchase and then basically front the ETH required to create this wallet and then be essentially refunded by the app store?

Was just thinking about this and wondered if it was possible. This seems like it would be a huge UI/UX improvement and could help speed up wallet setups. Just a thought.


100% agree… very good idea! Don’t know if possible but it would simplify the wallet creation a lot…

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First of all, please keep the input coming! No apologies - quite the opposite!

It’s an interesting idea. At first glance, it seems like it would be quite complicated to do this with the App stores. Getting refunded, etc. Afaik, it is quite restrictive working within their guidelines for things like this. But maybe I am wrong.

Please tell me, what is the big UI/UX benefit from this? That a user can enter the app before paying for deployment? Allow them to look around, (with not much functionality), and then deploy the wallet? A test before you buy type of experience? I’m not so sure it actually ‘speeds up’ wallet set ups? Does it? Maybe I am missing something.

Thanks, please keep the ideas coming!

I am just thinking from a new crypto user perspective who maybe doesn’t currently own any crypto yet or maybe has a coinbase account but hasn’t done much else in the space.

If they downloaded the app in the appstore… currently if they want to set up a wallet they have to figure out how to purchase crypto on another platform and then send it to an address to complete the wallet setup.

I remember from when I was a new user to crypto this was a daunting task.

If instead (from a user perspective) they stayed inside the wallet app and just completed an in-app purchase for the wallet setup payment, this would remove a lot of initial friction in my opinion.

(essentially a way to hack fiat onto the app - through a small in-app purchase - which then the in-app purchase payment goes to the developer (loopring) - and the developer sets up the wallet)

Then they can see the full functionality of the wallet and all of the options available for them to exchange / LP / earn , etc… and they have an address they can call their own on their phone, which they paid for (through in-app purchase / connected to their apple id) so they feel ownership over it and want to use it.

I think they would be more incentivized at that point to want to go off to another platform and purchase crypto and figure out how to send it to this address now to start using the full functionality of the app now that they have set it up, can see inside all the features and have paid to set it up already.

Maybe I am not explaining it properly, apologies.

Basically I am just talking about replacing the initial friction of having to go off-app and send crypto to the wallet to complete the setup… replacing this step with an in-app purchase for the same thing.

I am just not 100% on if this would be possible. But if it was I think it would be a big improvement for newbies.

Hopefully this makes sense!

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