Wallet Setup and first deposit

Hi Loopring team

After listening to your bankless appearance I decided to sign up for
your adventure.

Here is the TXN


The ETH has left my Argent wallet but as of writing nothing (see
screenshot attached) has been deposited in my new Loopring wallet on
my iOS app.

Could you please provide me with an update as to what is happening?

Much appreciate it!

I wrote that text as an Email yesterday at 10.24 CET

I have since written four more times asking for help but to no avail. Now I am trying this channel.

Please check your Emails and respond!!

For the record my Loopring wallet address will be revoked in 5 min. and counting.

Hi @Squollox,

This community.loopring.io has just had it’s links made public and is not yet live as such. We’re probably the 1st 2 in here and you’re giving a 5min countdown.

What user are you in the Discord and did you post in #support - I cannot seem to find that txn as a search.

It’s likely if you sent as an email that its been missed or went to spam folder.

I understand the frustration but I’m sure the team will respond asap once it’s logged at #support in the Discord since that’s currently the official chan atm.

I’ll keep an eye on #support as well, thanks @Squollox

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZkbeastL

Noted that you sent ~4 emails - very likely they hitting spam folder.
The discord link is : https://discord.gg/KkYccYp but if dont trust my link please see bottom of Loopring website - they have their social links there, including Discord.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZkbeastL

I´ll send the EMails thread to this address. Hope we can sort this out asap.

The TXN is 0xefb85bcdb9013cff3137637bb355f8c9aedba978216bdd7291aa32b3ce5b4290

This the Loopring Wallet that was supposedly setup and to which the ETH was transferred 0x520CD8c7eB975e2b4CB9Db814af16524A99b602D


Looks like you haven’t posted in Discord #support so have linked them to here. It’s middle of the night so please be patient. Thanks @Squollox

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZkbeastL

I’ve forward this to our engineers, please be patient. Thank you.

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Your engineers got this solved. Thnx Loopring!!

Howdy team - I am having the same issue as Squollox above with getting my wallet set up. It’s been about four hours since I made the deposit as instructed and etherscan shows it as successful.

Can someone please help me with this I am having issues accessing the discord channel as well :sweat_smile:

Hi Zamalama, the good news is, it will get sorted. My cause was that I transferred the wrong token type - a user error as they say in UX.

However, once I had made a second transfer of the correct token (USDT) then the wallet was activated… but without showing the balance. That was resolved yesterday by an app update.

My advice to you is try an get the issue going on Discord #support. The team doesn’t monitor this space just now.

Your wallet address will definitely not be deleted for 7 days, even if the app says is will be revoked after 24 hrs.

You can also use Zerion to see the wallet status (enter your Loopring wallet address into the watch list) - that way you know that the deposit has not vanished and that helps the nerves :grinning:

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Please also email support@loopring.io if our engineers did not respond in Discord.

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Loopring wallet is one of the best wallet of ethereum. I fell safer deposit my funds on this wallet than on Ledger hardwallet, because of the guardians feature.
But I think ethereum fee cost is inhibiting adoption.Suggestion:
Loopring should incentives adoption with LRC bounty payback or something else like it

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